Market Leader

Market Leader uniquely offers one intuitive system for agents and teams to generate and convert leads including a customizable IDX website, mobile and desktop CRM, a fully integrated marketing design center, and leads products—delivering leads, not impressions—to ensure a steady stream of exclusive leads throughout the year.

A pioneer in lead generation and contact management systems, Market Leader has been helping agents and teams manage, grow, and thrive since 1999. Market Leader proudly serves over 200,000 agents and teams across the United States and Canada.


  • Robust CRM - Including a mobile app
  • Agent Branded Websites - With MLS listings
  • Marketing Center - Automated email campaigns and design templates
  • Leads Products – Exclusive seller leads Leads Direct – Website leads with valuable consumer search insights
  • Team Tools - Large and small office solutions with robust lead routing capabilities

Samples of our work

CRM Development

Agent Website

Mobile App